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Photograph of the 2019 Workshop community event

Photo of tabling materials for the 2019 CDEV workshop event, Remembering and Envisioning Germantown Avenue

2020 Project Team (minus Kristen A) and Lynn showing student work

Final Poster Logo w Foot-1.jpg
Logo for the Discover Germantown Ave Walking Tour

Map of the study area for the 2020 workshop project, Discover Germantown Avenue

Copy of Copy of IMG_0153-min.JPG
Photograph of an APM community event

Neighborhood resident at an APM community event

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 12.02.37 PM.png
APM Field Office at 600 Diamond Street

APM First Board of Directors.png
Picture of APMs 5 founders

APM Housing.jpg
Picture of one of the housing developments funded and constructed by APM
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