Community Garden at 2323 N 5th St

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Community Garden at 2323 N 5th St


The community garden at 2323 N 5th St sits on a lot that was previously home to the St. Edward’s Technical Advisory Board Hall and the Allemania Gesangverein Society of Philadelphia. This building was demolished at one point in history, most likely after it was sold to the City of Philadelphia in 1978. The building that stood here was vital to building lifelong friendships through the use of various clubs and associations over the years. The first appearance of St. Edwards T.A.B. Hall occupying this space was in 1895, as shown in the Philadelphia Atlas. Afterwards, from 1886-1994, the St. Edward’s Parish School used the space as the home of their Technical Advisory Board which oversaw the school’s activities. The hall came under the ownership of Allemania Gesangverein, a German-based singing society, around 1910. The hall was then under the society’s control until 1978 when it was owned by the City of Philadelphia. During this time, it welcomed amateur and professional singers from the neighborhood to come together to sing as a group. This singing group recruited members through acquaintances and newspaper advertisements in the Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications. They celebrated their German heritage and a shared love of singing with their community. After the building was given to the City of Philadelphia, it was demolished and now gives life to a community garden which brings residents together in the act of growing food. After more than 100 years of building community bonds, this plot still brings people together and creates a sense of friendship in the neighborhood.


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