Community Development Workshop is the capstone course in the Community Development major at Temple University and is taught by Dr. Lynn Mandarano. The projects on this site were developed by students in collaboration with community partners as noted.


The Community Development Workshop class in spring 2021 continued to develop historic walking tours in partnership with Asociacion Puertorriquenos en Marcha with an expanded  scope of the partnership and tours.  New partners included LISC Philadelphia and Cieba.  Students created an intersecting set of walking tours for Eastern North Philadelphia. 

The project page Explore Eastern North Philadelphia provides a description of the class project and goals.  Below are links to the three tours:


The Community Development Workshop class in spring 2020 partnered with Asociacion Puertorriquenos en Marcha, a Community Development Corporation serving Eastern North Philadelphia, to create a historic walking tour of Germantown Avenue.  The tour was originally entitled Discover Germantown Avenue but was renamed Explore Germantown Avenue and rebranded for inclusion in a set of tours created by students in the following year.

Use the link in bold to learn more about this class project:  Explore Germantown Avenue


The page for class of 2019's Community Development Workshop project - Remembering and Envisioning Germantown Avenue - is being developed.

Below is a link to the documentary video created by Grace Mass.

Video - Remembering and Envisioning Germantown Avenue