Plantation smokehouse with ships etched on interior walls, pyramidal stone roof plastered with lime. Windows slant inwards.
Material: Cut limestone, brick, lime mortar


~18th-19th century sugar plantation building, Anguilla


Photos by Elysia Petras, Karin Nankin, Kay Bell, Jessica Davis and Paul Farnsworth
Drawings by Carl Webster
Map by Cara Tercsak
Blueprint drawings by Carl Webster, Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society


Dimensions: 3.08 x 3.09 x3.09 x 3.08 exterior.
Door: 1 m wide, 2.03 m high, and 45 cm deep.
Windows(6): 30 cm x 30 cm (exterior) ; 45cm deep.
Vents (3): 50cmx42 cm and 45 cm deep.
Walls are 45 cm thick, 2.72 m high, S and W exterior faces are 3.08 m in width, N and E faces have a width of 3.09 m.

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