Loci G and H



Loci G and H


Plantation sugar works. Locus G was the cattle mill, where the canes were crushed. The mill at Hughes would have been powered by cattle, oxen or horse. After being processed in the mill, raw cane juice would have flowed down hill to Locus H where it would be boiled in a series of coppers. The boiling house (H) at Hughes was divided by four partitions.
material: stone


~18-19th century Sugar Plantation Building, Anguilla


Photos by Elysia Petras


Cattle mill dimensions: ~13 meter diameter, rectangular foundation in center of about 2.6 x 2 meters.

Boiling house dimensions: ~13 x 6.45 meters ( partitioned into 4 sections : 2.25 m, 4.25 m, 2.25 m, ~4.25 m in width each)

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