Locus C



Locus C


Locus C is the largest structure in area at Hughes Estate.
It consists of a large open cistern with a raised water catchment area on at least one side.
A fence of stacked limestone connects to the corners of the eastern face of Locus C and enclose a large area.
Additionally, there is a small building abutting the SW corner of the catchment area.


~18-19th century Sugar Plantation Building, Anguilla


Photos by Elysia Petras, Paul Farnsworth, and Kay Bell
Illustration by Carl Webster


Cistern: ~ 3m W x 10, L, 2 meter depth.
Catchment area: 19.3 x 19 meters
Addition: 6 x 6.3 meters
Fence: 39 x 17 x 31 meters

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