About the Project

The Eastern North Stories project is the result of the long-standing collaborative partnership between Dr. Lynn Madrano, Associate professor in the City and Reginal Planning and Community Development program at Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University, and Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM). 


Eastern North Stories Walking Tour

In spring 2022, the Community Development Workshop, in partnership with Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha's (APM), developed a walking tour meant to highlight both iconic and historical locations in the neighborhood of Eastern North Philadelphia.

The project was titled Eastern North Stories and a walking tour was developed in the neighborhood based on archival research, interviews, and the 2021 and 2020 cohorts' previous work. The tour begins at the former site of the Anshei Sholom Synagoue and ends at what now stands in its place: Cousin's Supermarket. Following Germantown Avenue, N 8th St, and Diamond St, properties and buildings of historical significance and present-day importance are explored. The team developed maps, brochures, and posters to supplement the walking tour.

Additionally, the team developed several engagement activities that focused on gauging residents' interests and preferences for future developments in the neighborhood as well as sharing their memories and experiences of Eastern North Philadelphia.

Video - Eastern North Stories


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  • Abhiram Reddy Alla - GIS/Maps/Demographics, Interviews/Story Development/AV, Webpage
  • Austin Hyslop - Interviews/Story Development/AV, Posters/Graphics
  • Celia Myerov - Engagement*, Webpage
  • Colette Alexandra Rosenblatt - Archives, Interviews/Story Development/AV, Posters/Graphics
  • Daniel Robert Stonis - Engagement, Posters/Graphics
  • Hannah Bachism - Engagement, Interviews/Story Development/AV
  • Jake Folland - GIS/Maps/Demographics, Posters/Graphics, Webpage*
  • Nicky Romano - Interviews/Story Development/AV*, Webpage
  • Nyia Meeja Carter - GIS/Maps/Demographics, Interviews/Story Development/AV
  • Olivia Pierce - GIS/Maps/Demographics, Posters/Graphics*
  • Parker Frohlich - Posters/Graphics, Webpage*
  • Sadie Lynne Troup - Archives, Interviews/Story Development/AV
  • Samantha Moran - Archives, Engagement
  • Sierra Cratic-Smith - Archives, GIS/Maps/Demographics*
  • Tyler Ray - Archives*, Interviews/Story Development/AV

*Team Leaders

About the Project