Community Event Resources

Story Cards

Below are the 18 story cards that coincide with each of the walking tour locations. These story cards were placed on display at the community event we held on April 9th, 2022 with APM. The cards each have the name of the location, an image, and the same descriptions you can find on each walking tour locations page. 


Event Activities

We prepared a collection of activities for those who attended the event to interact with. These events included an I-Spy Map, a My Vision for Eastern North board, and Pendants. Each activity is shown below in detail.

I-Spy Directions.jpg

I-Spy Map

This interactive I-Spy map will be used to encourage conversation about community members' favorite places in the neighborhood. The goal of this activity is to encourage residents to explain why certain parts of the neighborhood stand out to them, what memories they hold, and why that aspect of this community is their favorite!

Vision for Eastern North.jpg
Visions Directions.jpg

My Vision for Eastern North 

The goal of the My Vision for Eastern North activity was to ask community members what they wanted to see added to their neighborhood. We highlighted vacant lots in Eastern North and had arrows pointing to some of the larger ones, many located around popular and commonly walked through areas of the neighborhood. We then supplied colorful sticky notes that coincided with the colors used on the directions sheet for different types of uses. These uses include restaurants, entertainment, parks green spaces, gardens markets, grocery stores, shopping centers, clothing stores, and an outside the box option. We also prompted people to select locations close to where they live and think of things that they have to travel outside the neighborhood for.



The purpose of the pennant activity is to facilitate conversation between community members and APM, as well as collect data directly from residents on what they see as assets in their community. The pendant asked people "What makes you proud to be a part of this community"? We then asked people who were walking by to write one thing that made them proud to live in Eastern North and hang it up on a close line. 

Community Event Resources